Have you ever felt alone and unsupported as you are trying to "get your body back" after having kids?

Do you spend a lot of time on Pinterest to find the best workout for Pelvic Floor strengthening?

Have you tried other programs for Diastasis Recti or "MOM" workouts, only to find them ineffective or boring?

This is why No Kegels University was created!

It is created with over 12 years of experience from an actual Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who has worked with thousands of women, who understands how the female body functions and how you need programming that is effective and NOT time consuming!

"She has a skill to take something that is so freaking hard and make it easy. I cant believe the progress I have made." J.L.

"I don't follow the program everyday like I should....but I don't have leaking problems like I did when I first started the program." B.G.

Pick Any Class

Unlike regular college, there are no requirements. This University is designed for you to pick and choose what YOU need! There are classes for all Women's Health issues.

Do it from Home

None of these classes require any equipment. In fact, past clients/patients have said that the exercises are easy to do with their kids around, and some have even said that their kids like to join in!

Woman Specific

The female pelvis, the Postpartum body, our hormones are ALL factors that should be considered with exercise programming. Courses inside NKU have that. You will notice that there is a different approach because of these factors.

Hi, I’m Pauli!

I have been working as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for over 12 years. I have helped thousands of women to stop leaking, improve intimacy, and to feel proud of their bodies (even after having kids).

My approach is different because you need an approach that fits your life AND fits YOU! You need a method that is effective, and that doesn't take a ton of time. You need someone who understands what you're experiencing, and who truly understands how the Pelvic Floor works!

This is why I have created No Kegels University.

Let me walk alongside you on this journey!